soybean (Glycine max)

Glycine max, is an annu­al herb of great eco­nom­ic impor­tance. It belongs to fam­i­ly Fabaceae and tribe Phase­oleae which includes sev­er­al oth­er impor­tant legumes like beans, pigeon pea, black gram, mung bean etc. It is believed to have orig­i­nat­ed in Asia but is now cul­ti­vat­ed exten­sive­ly for food and for­age through­out the world. It is a major source of veg­etable oil and pro­tein in the world. Each soy­bean seed con­tains about 20% oil and about 50% of the remain­ing meal is protein.The genome of G. max is a diploidized tetraploid with 2n = 40 chro­mo­somes and a genome size of about 1115 Mb. Sev­er­al well devel­oped genomic resources are avail­able: a well devel­oped com­pos­ite genet­ic map, large num­ber of ESTs and a num­ber of BAC libraries. The soy­bean genome sequence was deposit­ed in NCBI in 2010 as WGS scaf­folds and chro­mo­some pseudo­mol­e­cules. In 2011 the Ref­Seq chro­mo­some acces­sions were pre­pared by NCBI.

medi­an total length (Mb): 953.339
medi­an pro­tein count: 71525
medi­an GC%: 34.8604

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