VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) 正则替换


  1. cmake
  2. make
    make -j <number of threads>

    Make Error 137

  3. build
  4. boost
  5. command:
  6. foobar

PBS guidebook

  1. \t, from perl to shell to pbs
  2. noeol:no end-of-line
  3. foobar


  1. 感性认识(现象)–(第一次飞跃)–>理性认识(逼近本质)–(第二次飞跃)–>实践(检验理性认识)
  2. 实践<->认识<->真理<->价值
  3. 辩证/历史,唯物主义认识论;
  4. 能动
  5. 认识价值与认识运动
  6. 唯物主义与唯心主义

soybean (Glycine max)

Glycine max, is an annual herb of great economic importance. It belongs to family Fabaceae and tribe Phaseoleae which includes several other important legumes like beans, pigeon pea, black gram, mung bean etc. It is believed to have originated in Asia but is now cultivated extensively for food and forage throughout the world. It is a major source of vegetable oil and protein in the world. Each soybean seed contains about 20% oil and about 50% of the remaining meal is protein.The genome of G. max is a diploidized tetraploid with 2n = 40 chromosomes and a genome size of about 1115 Mb. Several well developed genomic resources are available: a well developed composite genetic map, large number of ESTs and a number of BAC libraries. The soybean genome sequence was deposited in NCBI in 2010 as WGS scaffolds and chromosome pseudomolecules. In 2011 the RefSeq chromosome accessions were prepared by NCBI.

median total length (Mb): 953.339
median protein count: 71525
median GC%: 34.8604


  1. Classification of yak (among domesticated yak or among domesticated and wild yak)
  2. Why is there so much white particle/powder/sediment in the tang instant drink (orange taste)? I can’t drink it any more before I know what it is.
  3. Increase the space of /boot