Repair the kernel of Ubuntu 16.04


  1. The Lin­ux Ker­nel Archives
  2. Kernel/Mainline: Main­lineB­uilds
  3. Ubun­tu Ker­nel Team
  5. Ker­nel Wiki:
  6. What is the lin­ux-image-extra pack­age for and do I need it?
  7. Why are there so many “lin­ux-” ker­nel pack­ages on my machine, and what do they all do? [dupli­cate]
  8. The Lin­ux Ker­nel Archives:
  9. Arch­Lin­ux: Kernels/Traditional com­pi­la­tion
  10. Arch­Lin­ux: Com­pile Ker­nel mod­ule
  11. How (recipe) to build only one ker­nel mod­ule?


  1. Down­load ker­nel .deb
  2. sudo dpkg –i *.deb