C. elegans (caenorhabditis elegans)

This worm is a well-stud­ied mod­el organ­ism for devel­op­men­tal biol­o­gy, sys­tems biol­o­gy, and genet­ics.

Caenorhab­di­tis ele­gans, a free-liv­ing soil nema­tode, is wide­ly used as a mod­el organ­ism. It is trans­par­ent, and con­sists of 959 somat­ic cells. This eas­i­ly cul­tured worm pro­vides a mod­el for com­plex organ sys­tems, as well as devel­op­men­tal biol­o­gy and genet­ics. Caenorhab­di­tis ele­ganswas the first mul­ti­cel­lu­lar eukary­otic genome to be com­plete­ly sequenced.The Caenorhab­di­tis ele­gans nuclear genome is approx­i­mate­ly 100 Mb, dis­trib­ut­ed among six chro­mo­somes.


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