Install and Configure Ubuntu

Install ubun­tu:

1. download a linux operation system iso file.
2. change system setting from uefi to legacy, from ‘boot from hdd’ to ’boot from u disk’;
3. make a U disk for installation;
4. manually setting partition:
 all logical partition:
Name Size
boot 500 MB
/ 50 GB
/home 100 GB
swap space 8 GB
boot: 每个内核大概占80MB,所以250MB可以放最多3个内核。大概可以用一个月,不删除内核。具体取决于内核更新的频率。

Con­fig­ure Ubun­tu

1. install adobe flash player for firefox
   move “” to firefox plugin file;
     cp ~/.mozilla/plugins/

Move files under the direc­to­ry “usr” to usr;
sudo cp –r ./usr/* /usr/

2. upgrade:
 sudo apt-get update;
 sudo apt-get upgrade;
3. enable multiple desktops in ubuntu
 system settings → appearance → behavior → enable workspaces
4. install necessary softwares
Flacon extracts individual tracks from one big audio file containing the entire album of music and saves them as separate audio files.
wondershaper wlan0 1000 1000
sudo apt-get nethogs
g++ & gcc
先安装mpc,gmp & mpfr,然后添加其lib至LD_LIBRARY_PAYH;
/gcc_6.3.0/gcc-6.3.0/configure --disable-multilib --prefix=/gcc_6.3.0/ --with-gmp=/gcc_6.3.0/addition/gmp_6.1.0/ --with-mpfr=/gcc_6.3.0/addition/mpfr_3.1.4/ --with-mpc=/gcc_6.3.0/addition/mpc_1.0.3/ && 
make -j 24 && 
make -j 24 check && 
make -j 24 install
sudo apt-get install vim
5. mount windows partition
sudo blkid
 vim /etc/fstab
 Add "/dev/sda5 /media/nolan/WORK/ ntfs defaults 0 0"
 sudo mount -a
6.set dual monitor
xrandr #to find the name of the monitors: DP-1 and eDP-1
 xrandr --output DP-1 --left-of eDP-1 --auto
 #--left-of: set the relative place of two monitors
 #--auto: set resolutions of monitors
7.set environment parameters(path and variable)
set a local environment path: just add the path before the system path like this:PATH=/path/to/program/:$PATH
 set a variable: NAME=/path/of/the/program
8.install nvidia driver
GeForce: 840M notebook
NVIDIA Driver Download
9.PPA (personal package archives)
location: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

10. foo­bar

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