sub­ti­tle: SNP and indel call­ing for pooled and indi­vid­u­al tar­get­ed rese­quenc­ing stud­ies.
Insti­tu­tion: broad­in­sti­tute

Syzy­gy is a tool used to call vari­ants in pooled tar­get­ed sequenc­ing data. The pooled tar­get­ed sequenc­ing exper­i­men­tal design is dif­fer­ent in that the reads do no have the iden­ti­ty of the indi­vid­u­al it was intend­ed to come from. The pooled tar­get­ed sequenc­ing exper­i­ment is intened to min­i­mize cost and max­i­mize the util­i­ty of the bil­lions of DNA sequence data that is gen­er­at­ed by one lane of sequenc­ing run.

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