Ensemble and Entrez


The Ensem­bl project was start­ed in 1999, some years before the draft human genome was com­plet­ed. Even at that ear­ly stage it was clear that man­u­al anno­ta­tion of 3 bil­lion base pairs of sequence would not be able to offer researchers time­ly access to the lat­est data. The goal of Ensem­bl was there­fore to auto­mat­i­cal­ly anno­tate the genome, inte­grate this anno­ta­tion with oth­er avail­able bio­log­i­cal data and make all this pub­licly avail­able via the web.


Sin­gle search engine of NCBI. Entrez is not a gene data­base. It’s the name of the NCBI infra­struc­ture which pro­vides access to all of the NCBI data­bas­es. One of those is the Gene data­base, so you would say “Entrez Gene”.

there is not nec­es­sar­i­ly an one-to-one map­ping between Entrez Gene and Ensem­bl Gene IDs.



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