DAVID new version: 6.8

DAVID 6.8 (cur­rent beta release) May. 2016

– The DAVID Knowl­edge­base com­plete­ly rebuilt
— Entrez Gene inte­grat­ed as the cen­tral iden­ti­fier to allow for more time­ly updates
while still incor­po­rat­ing Ensem­bl and Uniprot as inte­gral data sources
— New GO cat­e­go­ry (GO Direct) pro­vides GO map­pings direct­ly anno­tat­ed by the source data­base (no par­ent terms includ­ed)
— New anno­ta­tion cat­e­gories
— New list iden­ti­fier sys­tems added for list upload­ing and con­ver­sion
— A few bugs fixed

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