Oxford Nanopore Technology — MinION

Min­ION is a portable device for mol­e­c­u­lar analy­ses that is dri­ven by nanopore tech­nol­o­gy. It is adapt­able for the analy­sis of DNA, RNA, pro­teins or small mol­e­cules with a straight­for­ward work­flow.



The Min­ION can be run for min­utes or days accord­ing to the exper­i­men­tal need. Users can adjust set­tings like the speed that the DNA pass­es through the nanopore. Prome­thION, which will soon be released into ear­ly access, is designed to be ful­ly scal­able so that users can oper­ate between one or 48 flow cells at any one time.

Long read lengths

The Oxford Nanopore sys­tem process­es the reads that are pre­sent­ed to it rather than gen­er­at­ing speci­fic read lengths. The longest read report­ed by a Min­ION user to date is more than 200Kb, but it can process the spec­trum of read lengths.

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