Basic information on S.suis

  1. one of the most prevalent pathogens in swine causing a range of disease syndromes including arthritis (关节炎), meningitis (脑膜炎), pneumonia (肺炎), septicemia (败血症) and endocarditis (心内膜炎), etc. [1]
  2. an zoonotic agent able to induce meningitis, endocarditis, and streptococcal toxic shock-like syndrome in humans. [1]
  3. Thirty three S. Suis serotypes identified on the basis of antigenic differences in their CPS (Capsule Polysacharides). [1]
  4. S. suis 2 mainly infects people who have direct contact with carrier pigs, sick pigs, or raw pork via wounds on the skin, or the mucosa of the mouth, or nasal cavity. [1]
  5. 1642 cases of S. suis human infection had been reported worldwide until Dec. 31, 2013. [1]

[1]. Zhang, Y., Ding, D., Liu, M., Yang, X., Zong, B., Wang, X., Chen, H., Bei, W., and Tan, C. (2016). Effect of the glycosyltransferases on the capsular polysaccharide synthesis of Streptococcus suis serotype 2. Microbiological research.

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