Effect of the glycosyltransferases [糖基转移酶] on the CPS [荚膜多糖] synthesis of S.suis 2

  1. The incom­plete CPS result­ing from dele­tion of the cps genes in S.suis 2 SC19;
  2. Inter­play between S.suis 2 SC19 and dif­fer­ent cell lines in vit­ro changed by the­se
    genes dele­tion
    cps2E, cps2G, cps2J and cps2L
  3. More depo­si­tion on the mutant strains of com­ple­ment C3 in porcine serum
    than on WT
  4. Essen­tial role of the cps genes in via­bil­i­ty of SC19 in a murine mod­el

Zhang, Y., Ding, D., Liu, M., Yang, X., Zong, B., Wang, X., Chen, H., Bei, W., and Tan, C. (2016). Effect of the gly­co­syl­trans­feras­es on the cap­su­lar poly­sac­cha­ride syn­the­sis of Strep­to­coc­cus suis serotype 2. Micro­bi­o­log­i­cal research.

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