DAVID-WS (web service) has been developed to automate user tasks by providing stateful web services to access DAVID programmatically without the need for human interactions. [1]


DAVID-WS is made stateful by keeping the state-related input of a user operation in a session context that can be accessed by subsequent user operations within the same session. Users can add lists, change background populations, select species and categories and reset functional parameters for data analysis, as well as query all tools within the same session and format output as desired. [1]

[1] Jiao, X., Sherman, B.T., Huang da, W., Stephens, R., Baseler, M.W., Lane, H.C., and Lempicki, R.A. (2012). DAVID-WS: a stateful web service to facilitate gene/protein list analysis. Bioinformatics 28, 1805-1806.

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