DAVID-WS (web ser­vice) has been devel­oped to auto­mate user tasks by pro­vid­ing state­ful web ser­vices to access DAVID pro­gram­mat­i­cal­ly with­out the need for human inter­ac­tions. [1]


DAVID-WS is made state­ful by keep­ing the state-relat­ed input of a user oper­a­tion in a ses­sion con­text that can be accessed by sub­se­quent user oper­a­tions with­in the same ses­sion. Users can add lists, change back­ground pop­u­la­tions, select species and cat­e­gories and reset func­tion­al para­me­ters for data analy­sis, as well as query all tools with­in the same ses­sion and for­mat out­put as desired. [1]

[1] Jiao, X., Sher­man, B.T., Huang da, W., Stephens, R., Basel­er, M.W., Lane, H.C., and Lem­picki, R.A. (2012). DAVID-WS: a state­ful web ser­vice to facil­i­tate gene/protein list analy­sis. Bioin­for­mat­ics 28, 1805–1806.

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